Welcome to Rimi’s homepage! Enjoy your stay~

I don’t have a lot here yet, but… stay tuned. I will eventually have a blog here, and have more projects to show. If you want an idea of what I’m up to, check my Github for now.


About Me

I’m Rimi, a random fairy girl from the internet! I do a lot of random programming, tabletop system design, and game modding stuff. I don’t have a lot posted here yet, or a lot finished (blame ADHD), but hopefully that changes soon enough.

You might know me as “AuroraAmissa”. I use that name for a lot of my writing stuff. You may also know me as “Lymia” — I use the name “Rimi” now instead of “Lymia” now when I can, because I used to get mixed up with someone else due how I started using the name. You’ll probably still see that name around with me. There’s some places where the name’s too much trouble to change like Github.

Contact & Socials