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A (kinda incomplete) listing of projects (mostly programming and modding) that I’ve been working on! Expect progress on these to go relatively slow. I’ll be adding more things here as I finish them, or dig them up again!

Active Projects

  • Project Unison (Writing) - A modified SRD for Pathfinder 1e and Spheres of Power to simplify and unify the systems of both. I’m making this for my friend group more than anything else, since the complexity and option paralysis of Pathfinder + Spheres often overwhelms them.
  • Spheres Homebrew - My Spheres of Power homebrew that I wrote while GMing Pathfinder for my friend group. While I’m eventually integrating this stuff into Project Unison, this is meant to be independent of it and require no additional houserules.

Completed Projects

  • enumset (Programming) - A Rust crate for storing sets of enums as bitsets in an idiomatic way.
  • Reassembly Stuff (Modding) - Various mods and modding tools for the ship building game Reassembly!

Stalled Projects

  • Luminous: the Dream (Writing) - A Chronicles of Darkness fanwork inspired by both Princess: the Hopeful and Changeling: the Dreaming. It’s about magical girls. I intend to continue working on this once I’m gotten a few more basic tabletop systems done - as the writing and sheer amount of content to create has been challenging for me.
  • MPPatch (Modding) - A patch to Sid Meier’s Civilization V to allow for online modded multiplayer. I have been having issues continuing development on this, because it requires multiple computers and I still don’t have access to a working mac.

Old Projects

These are projects from the “time before”, and that I don’t work on much any longer or have much interest in continuing (either because I’ve since drifted away from the relevant communities, or that it was extremely niche to begin with). I’m keeping these here more for record keeping’s sake.

  • Danmakufu Archiver (Modding) - An archive extractor for Danmakufu 0.12m and Danmakufu ph3. Primarily meant for allowing translation of Danmakufu-based Touhou fangames.
  • Old Danmakufu scripts (Modding) - My old scripts for Danmakufu. Most of these are not-so-great, but I’m keeping them up here for history’s sake.
  • Underload to Scala compiler (Programming) - A simple compiler from the Underload esoteric programming language to Scala. It’s not very good, but it technically works.