Danmakufu .dat Tool - Changelog

Version v3.0.2: * Updated dependencies to fix upstream vulnerabilities.

Version v3.0.1: * Added full support for extracting ph3 .dat files containing directories. * Fixed a major problem with how th_dnh_archiver reads files.

Version v3.0.0: * Rewritten again. * Added ph3 support.

Version v2.0.0: * Rewritten. * Added graphical user interface.

Version v1.0.1: * Fixed a bug where you couldn’t compress directories with subdirectories in them.

Version v1.0.0: * Implemented compression. * Fixed fatal bug causing the corruption of almost all extracted files introduced in v0.5.2.

Version v0.5.2: * Changed code to allow non-continuous file data. (e.g. file data being stored as [file 1][file 3][file 2] instead of [file 1][file 2][file 3]) * Made the code much more efficent. * Implemented the -o flag.

Version v0.5.1:
* Fixed typo.

Version v0.5.0:
* First release.